Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where is Tracy Hill?

This is Tracy Hill. Her life vanished from this earth on June 7, 2001. No one knows where she is. No one has seen her. She left all of her things. Things like make-up, her purse, her glasses, her clothes, her job, going to school, her life.
I have been looking for her since August of 2006. While attending a memorial picnic for my father, I ended up taking about 15 kids on a ghost hunt. We were in the area that Tracy last lived in, so we went looking for her. That day changed my life forever.

I have looked for Tracy in many places, with many more to go. This was taken at Guilford Lake one night. My niece, Kylie, and I went looking for her a lot. On this night, in an EVP session, we asked her if she knew where she was. She said, in one of the only EVP's I have of her, "I don't know". See the large kind of pink orb in the sky?

Here, it has almost faded away to nothing. I always liked this picture because of the orb moving across the water. There was a van parked on the other end of the parking lot that night and the drivers door was open. I had thought about going over and closing it, but didn't. A few minutes later, a guy with a long trench coat, blue jeans, white tennis shoes, curly hair and glasses, was out there. Kylie and I were having an EVP session at this time in my car and the guy got into the van for a minute, then got out and repeatedly slammed the door of the van, over and over angrily. You can hear the van door slamming in the EVP. It scared us, so we left. As we drove passed the van, there was no one there. The door was closed and he was no where in site. It wasn't a minute from when I turned around and drove passed that van. I have no idea where he went, but the van door was closed.

This is Kylie standing near the dam at Guilford Lake, where search and rescue searched for Tracy for four days. They even used Cadaver dogs, but she was not found.

This was taken another time I went looking, this time with my husband. Click on this picture to enlarge it and see if you can see words written in the water. Look for the words Lake, with the e backwards; Grove, written, not printed; citi (spelled with an I, not a Y)right under Grove; also the word First.

On yet another expedition, Kylie and I went up to the strip mines above where she used to live. It is the first place authorities looked for Tracy. It is also where I took the Tracy Hill Picture that I have so many times on this site. in this picture, I am inviting any spirits in the area to get in the picture with me and I am hold my arm out like I have it draped over a friends shoulders.

As we continued to do this, things started showing up in the pictures. This mist was around for a few minutes, even though neither Kylie nor I ever saw it with our own eyes.

There is nothing in my had where the mist is. There is a Kleenex in my other hand. We are standing above what is left of a lake that was up there before the area was reclaimed by the strip mining company.

This is Kylie in front of the same lake. Nice orb behind her.

If Tracy was murdered by her estranged husband, Cliff, and he put her body here, it will never be found now. The area did not look like this when she disappeared. It was full of little lakes and cliffs and big holes. They are all filled in now, the land reclaimed.
Like Louise Davis, Tracy Hill is out there somewhere, waiting to be found. In both cases, justice is waiting to be found as well.