Thursday, February 19, 2009

What can you tell me about Fredricktown, Ohio, in Columbiana County?

Fredricktown. I am sure it resembles Cannonsmills, Sprucevale, Jamestown, Elkton, Clarkson, and many of the other small towns and villages that came and went in the last two hundred years. This church is key to the history of the town because behind it lays the unmarked grave of a Delaware Indian.

Here is a one room school house. Both of these buildings are visible from Route 170, which runs right past the town.

This is an old horse watering trough made of stone. There is one similiar to this at Beaver Creek State Park. This is located over by the school.

Many of the houses look like this one, also visible from the main road.

This is Mike, standing in front of the general store, post office, and at one time the school, located down closer to Beaver Creek. The Vodrey Family had several of the buildings restored some years back. Hopefully, these buildings are open to the public in the summer time. Do you know of any stories about this beautiful little town that has managed to keep its visible heritage in tact? Ghost stories, legends (like the one about some kind of treasure buried along te creek in this area?) Email me if you do. When I learn more, I will pass it on to you. Good night.

Close to the General Store is the Culberson Mill. It is in ruins now, but this plaque shows what the mill looked like at one time.

Here are the ruins of the Culbertsons Mill.
There is a lot more to Fredricktown and I am hoping a lot of ghost stories to hear as well. This summer will find me down there a lot, I hope.