Sunday, February 22, 2009

July 30, 1973- Triple Murder In East Liverpool

X marks the spot for the National Furniture Store now. Without them, it may have been hard to find the building. I looked at several before I found a newspaper clipping and noticed the big X's.
Here is where Earl Tweed, and Linda and Angela (only 4 years old) Morris were murdered. This year marks 36 years since these events occured. The case is still unsolved.

There are many theories about what happened. They know that
Mr. Tweed called and talked to his wife at about 12:25pm. They
know he was in the middle of making his lunch because a sandwich spread open and waiting for some mustard or mayo sat on a counter near the back of the store. They know that Linda and Angela went there at lunch time to ask Mr. Tweed about a rental property he had. They know that a woman walked into the store at 12:55pm to discover the bodies of all three. Mr. Tweed had been stabbed multiple times, and Linda and Angela had been beaten to death.
Theory jumps in from there. The killer may have gone around the corner, pictured to the right. He may have traveled down the alley above. No one really saw anything concrete. There is a rumor of a man with red hair being seen leaving the store and going down this alley.

He would have made his way hurriedly but mostly unseen going this way.

They are fairly certain he came this way to come out where the entrance and exit ramps are for Rt. 11.

At the top of these steps they found Mr. Tweed wallet laying on the ground, so they know the killer came this way. But from here, they have no idea where he went. For the Tweed and Morris families he went into history. No one was ever charged, or even suspected in this horrific crime. Other than this ghostly trail and ....

these grave markers, there is not much else. What happened to
Linda and Angela? Why did it have to come down to their deaths? Why was it so necessary to kill a pregnant woman and a four year old little girl? Did they know the killer and he had to silence them?

How does the person who did this live each day with the knowledge that he killed, you might as well say, 4 people? Does it weigh heavey on his mind? I hope so. I hope he carries 36 years of
guilt on his shoulders. I hope he suffered the way Linda's family suffered all these years. I hope he hurts like Earl's family did and still does.

When you pass their murder site down on Dresden Avenue, keep them in mind. Do not forget them. They were here. One had lived a long life but still had so much to give his community. One was carrying a life and nurturing another, planning, loving, living life to its fullest. The last barely got to see what life had to offer. She never got a chance to show the world what she could do. Often forgotten, their story unknown, the building stands as a reminder that life goes on, even when yours stops. My heart goes out to the families of these innocent victims.
This article is for those that are searching the area for ghosts in the city. I think you should at least know who you are looking for and why they are there. They deserve your respect. Please remember that.