Monday, February 23, 2009

Deja Vu

I went to the library on Friday, Feb. 20, to do some research on some of the cemeteries in the area. When I was done, I walked down to the main lobby to look for my husband, who was there looking up books on snakes. I happened to look up and noticed some beautiful paintings. They are scenes from East Liverpool, but the one really caught my eye because it was recently familiar to me. A couple of weeks ago, my son bought a car up on Pennsylvania Avenue. While up there I had noticed how beautiful the view was and I took a lot of pictures. I took the same picture as was hanging on the wall. When I asked the librarian about it, she said the paintings were done by a man named Hans Hacker (I hope I got that right. If I didn't, tell me!) and that they were painted roughly 60 years ago. The scene has definitely changed some. What really stood out for me was that I wasn't the only one to notice how great the view was from where I stood that day. You will notice a lot of houses are gone, most joining the Parking Lot Club. Ugh!! I know you can not save all the buildings but why knock them all down? Aren't some worth saving? How many parking lots does the city need? Oh, sorry. Got side tracked there.
Pennsylvania Avenue is a great place to check out some day when you find yourself with nothing to do. The scenery is worth it. And check out the paintings hanging in Carnegie Library. They too are worth a moment of your time.