Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Clock Tower In East Liverpool

The clock tower in East liverpool is impressive. It is beautiful. I want the old one back though. I would love to have seen the original. I mean look at it. This building is a ghost hunters dream!
I can just picture the long dark hallways with cobwebbs every where. I mean it looks like a part of Hogwartz! The fact that East Liverpool had such a cool building in it and they tore it down? Ugh!!! Yes they rebuilt it. But it is nowhere near what was originally there! Which would you rather have? Give me the original!
Why did this building get torn down? I am looking into it, but if any one out there knows anything, tell!
I got a comment that asked if I was for real. Ghosts come from our history. Things that have already happened in buildings that were built in their time, not ours. Keep knocking them down and where are the ghosts going to go? They sure can't live in a parking lot. Ya, I am for real. I care about my community and my history. I am not afraid to say how I feel or let people know when I think they are wrong. Tearing down this building was wrong. Tearing down the Ceramic Theatre was wrong. I have to speak up and at least let someone know that I want to somehow keep The Smith Auto Parts Building, not because it is an auto parts store, but because it was Potters National Bank once upon a time. I want Riverview florist to stay right where it is, adding beauty and history to our city. I don't want to be looking at a picture like the one above and wishing I could see it for real. Do you?

Rumor has it that Riverview Florist is soon to become a member of East Liverpool's PARKING LOT CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This building is a feast for the eyes. It has been there as long as I can remember. I even worked there one spring helping to make corsaiges. Lots of people bought corsaiges for the prom at this site. It has been a part of our lives for a very long time.

I have been trying to get some attention paid to the Smith Auto Parts Store because they are going to make it part of the Parking Lot Club. Then, in my effort to get some attention paid to it, I discovered that they are also targeting this building. Ugh!! So I went down there yesterday and took all these pictures.

From what I understand they already have something else in mind for this space. So where are they going to put all this stuff?

Look at this door. It is beautiful. It even has a brass door knocker. You don't see work like this any more.

How could they even consider tearing this down? And how long are we going to let them take away our historical land marks? Where would we be without the men and woman who made and worked in these buildings? Without our past we would have no future.

Are they just going to bulldoze this place and haul it all away? How can we let them do that? Why would we? Please don't be afraid to say something if it bothers you, like it does me. If we don't say anything soon, it will all be gone. Then all we will have to look at is a bunch of parking lots.