Friday, February 27, 2009

The Roving Sentinel

Have a look at the Diamond in East Liverpool, Ohio. This post card is dated between 1900 and 1909. One of the interesting things about it is the statue in about the center. I did not pay much attention to it initially. The statue is long gone from the area now, so I didn't think it even existed. I was wrong. This statue is called the Roving Sentinel. It was commissioned by Liverpool Township to honor the men who fought in the Civil War.
In 1909 it was moved from the Diamond to the City Park (? What city park? It must be another one of those things that doesn't exist any more. Probably a member of the parking lot club. I am sure if it meant Thompson Park, Thompson Park would have been specified.) It spent about seven years there. In 1916 it was moved to stand watch in front of Carnegie Library. There is stayed until 1942.

This picture was taken before the fire of 1905. Are you asking what fire of 1905, too? I am looking into that.

Taken right about 1900. Everything in the Diamond is different now. This is like looking at a picture of the old west.

There is something on just about every flat surface of this statue. Here is a list of men from the area who fought during the Civil War and where they were killed. Some battles I am familiar with, some I never heard of.

This is on the front of the statue, commemorating the years of the war. On all four sides of it you find something written or pictured.

There are so many different things on it, I just don't have enough room to put it all on here. Why is it that all the cool stuff in East Liverpool either gets knocked down or moved? I will bet that like me, most people do not know this ever existed.

It is another forgotten treasure of the area. Since 1942, The Roving Sentinel stands watch in The Riverview Cemetery, facing the war memorial. It is flanked by the graves of our area veterans. A very fitting place for this brass memory that is well worth a moment of your time.