Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rumor points at this home as being a target of Razing.

You can see this house from Rt. 11 as it travels around East Liverpool. Even though it is run down, it has a certain appeal that only a ghost hunter would appreciate. I would love to venture inside and see what secrets it holds.
As we walked around the outside, we discovered some classic haunted house themes. Like this old player piano sitting on the porch. The floor of the porch is in fact not very sound. We were careful as we walked across the floor.

Trees and weeds have over grown the area, giving it that extra spooky look. Yet it is mysterious and beautiful, speaking still of its once great stature and charm.

As I stood below it looking up it felt like some one was watching from inside, wondering what we were doing. My only interest is to get it on film before it is gone.

Perhaps my most favorite characteristic of the whole scene was this old rocker.

It has not been sat in or moved for a long time. Vines from the plants growing around the house have entwined themselves through it because it has sat empty for so long.

In my opinion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is true that much of this house may be beyond any kind of TLC it could get now. I know that once beautiful porch would definetly need to be rebuilt. But what a welcome it would be to give it some love and have it be seen like the C.C. Thompson house just a few hundred feet away. (I took some great pics of that too. That is my next story.) Look around you East Liverpool at the treasures you have right under your nose. Blink and they will be gone, members of the parking lot club. Maybe there will be one of those Rotary Club signs commemorating the spot where your treasure once stood. Or you could try to save your treasure before it is gone. You do the math. Either way, the sight of this house is worth a moment of your time.