Thursday, March 5, 2009


The Elks Club. It really hasn't changed. Still quite southern plantation-ish, or maybe a little greek. But like I said, when I look at it I think of an old southern mansion.

This is the War Memorial at Riverview Cemetery. To the left is from 1899. To the right, March, 2009. What happened to the domed top? While still impressive without it, it looks unfinished today. It has the names of famous battles written above the windows. If you go out to the Roving Sentinel, check out this Memorial as well since they are right beside each other.

Above is another one of those Rotary Club signs. First, I'd like to say Thank You to them because at least we know where our historical buildings were. They have also marked some of the buildings we have left and what their historical signifigance is, which is quite helpful too. If you click on the sign and read it,
you will be amazed to see that President William McKinely visited the mansion once. Of course, the President's grand parents lived in Lisbon, at what is now Camp McKinely Boy Scout Camp and must have been in the area visiting them. The Taylor Mansion was destroyed to build the

City Hall, which is the city Court House and Police Station now. There is also a museum in the City Hall that was made by past and current policemen, or so I heard. I haven't seen it yet, but would like to. After doing the CCFHV, I understand the job of a policeman a little better and I greatly appreciate them. They risk their lives for us every day. You just can't beat that in my book.

I was surprised to find a picture of the mansion. It was a beauty. The Oddfellows Hall is still exactly the same as you can see in the picture on the right. I still find myself wishing we would have kept the mansion. I would love to have seen it and walked through it. Imagine how many people would come to our city if we had half of what we have gotten rid of. Don't get me started. Good night.