Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our visits to The William's House and Township Line Cemetery on March 6

This is how any good ghost hunt should begin. Crossing a dark, scary bridge. And so it is that ours began. We were a crew of five and headed to
The Williams House at Beaver Creek State Park. My little mom wanted to go there because we have had some great adventures in the past there. She doesn't get to go often because of her health, so tonight was a wonderful treat for her. Too bad the
ghosts were pretty quiet at the house this night.
We did all the usual things. EVP, pictures, video, taking temperatures (which ranged in the mid
50's the entire evening) and asking for knocks. What ever spirit occupies the house will knock once for yes and twice for no (when they feel like it). However, tonight was not one of those nights.

Jon, Amber, and Shawn are working on the back porch of the house to the right.

Jon likes using a video camera and
has decided that that is his favorite
ghost hunting tool to use.

To the right, Amber is doing EVP work. Amber prefers to look for Big Foot, or watch the night sky for UFO's, but she will go on a ghost hunt, too. For her, we are doing at least one Big Foot expedition in the Beaver Creek area this summer.
Here is my crew, right as we are leaving the house. We were the only ones in the park for most of the evening. I wonder that there are not more ghost hunters here. The Covered Bridge is also haunted down here and since I haven't been able to do the entire park, it is hard to tell what else is here. I do know that
twice we have seen a shadow person across the bridge, on the other side of the park. And it is even more lonely over there in the dark.

From Beaver Creek State Park, we went to Township Line Cemetery (I call it 7 & 30 cemetery). It is the coolest little grave yard. There are two family plots, complete with the old iron fence surrounding it. They are original. There are several downed trees and knocked over tombstones, so it seems right out of an old movie.

These are what I call the Chess Pieces. It is for the March family. The small stones below the large ones also sport the same name as the big ones in front of them. For example, Susan March has her name on both the big stone and the little one, making the little one a foot stone.

To the right, me, my mom, and Amber, standing at one of the two family plots.

It does not have six legs, but I think this is a table tomb. I was surprised to find one in this little cemetery. It was a nice surprise.

Laurel, such as seen on these stones, can represent victory, eternity, immortality, and chastity. Jon just thought they were cool.

Angels on cemetery stones are also common. This one has fallen to the ground. There are several stones that need set back up or even repaired with cement or something because they are broken. Mom was heart broken at the disrepair this little cemetery is in.
We didn't get home until about 2am. I can not tell you how fun it is to go on these adventures. And please remember, anyone can do this. Just make sure you go in a group. Not because you are in any threat from ghosts. I maintain that they will not harm you in any way. It is the living human factor you have to beware of. I will be giving a lot of tours this summer. There isn't much money out there, and I think that there is plenty of adventure right here in good old Columbiana County. What money we do have, we should spend here. With a small investment of about $150 or less, you can get a decent camera and a digital recorder and go out on as many adventures as you want exploring our county. Your cost will be minimum (gas, getting pictures developed, food before or after). It is exciting, adrenaline pumping, and sometimes action packed. Hope to see you this summer.