Sunday, March 8, 2009

Missing! Elkton, Ohio!

Elkton. The first thing that comes to my mind about Elkton is the chicken farm. No. I do not remember the name. But this is what it looks like today. I don't even think it is in business any more.

The there is little Elkton Elementary School. That's my mom standing by the school sign. The school is still there, even with the name on it, but it has been turned into someones home now.

There is only one house left on this side of town, before you cross the bridge. It is all open fields now, and a canoe livery.

As you cross the bridge into the middle of Elkton you think "Where is it?"

These two buildings are not long for this world. The floor has caved in on the larger of the two. It is the Elkton Free Church. Beside it is the first school in Elkton. It is not in much better shape. Both have hand written signs on them saying what they are. There just hasn't been anyone to take care of them. Sad.

Looking on up the main street of Elkton, nothing.

But it still has a post office. Hard to believe, considering there are only about 7 or 8 homes along the main strip now.

  Here is Lock 24, behind Patrick's Chop House (also out of business).      I put my camera bag on it to give it some scale.  It may have washed away in a devastating flood in 1861.  Still working on that little bit of history.

It is all grown up and over now. Like Elkton, nearly gone.

It holds the Shortest Covered Bridge in the country.  Once on Church Hill Road, it now sits beside Lock 24 Restaurant.

Leaving Elkton looks the same as entering it. Nothing much left but a few homes, an out of business Patrick's Chop House and....

This old house.  I have a little history about it, but not much.   I know more about the field beside it. That used to be a horse and pony action, complete with barn and stables, but all that is gone, too. Just open field now. Funny. There isn't any one left to take care of the little village, but some one is there to knock it down when it gets too old. At this rate, Elkton will be just another memory in 20 years or so. So, you better get over there and see it before it it gone. Elkton is worth a moment of your time.