Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Mystery From Elkton

The year was right around 1918. A Quaker family lived here then, and it was their turn to have the Sunday meeting at their home. Since it was either late spring or early summer, it was a warm day out and once the meeting was over, they were busy preparing lunch. With out warning the man who owned the house walked out this front door to the middle of his yard. He did not say good bye. He did not leave a note. To the horror of the people inside, he took a gun and blew his head off. Why he did it is a mystery to everyone there that day, and lingers with his family to this one. According to reports he was not in financial trouble in any way. There was no explanation for what he did.

Amy and Sarah on the right are relatives to the man who did this and they have heard this story for years. This is the first time that they have been here to see this place up a little closer.

Below is Amber standing in front of the side of the house. Amy is Empathic and she says that despite the tragedy that occured here, the house if full of happy memories. She sat on the back porch for a minute and sighed, feeling good just sitting there. "Children were here." she said. "Lots of children. This house had many good times in it."
No one lives in it now. There used to be a sale barn beside it where they sold horses and ponies but was torn down a few years ago. Amy said she didn't think her relative's spirit remained any where inside or out of the house. The suicide is a story that she was raised with and believes to be true. Has any one else heard of this story in the Elkton area? If you have, or any other stories of Elkton, please let me know. Email me!

A Ghost Town Called Elkton

Jon and Amber standing on the covered bridge in Elkton.

Clicking a picture, my son takes my pic taking a pic. Later, Amy, Sarah, and I talk about the nights events.

The EVP in this little gully were loud and mostly clear. I was impressed.

Here we are in Elkton, Ohio. We are checking out a possible haunted area in the above pictures. We stopped at the covered bridge and I noted that it is especially beautiful at night. The property we checked out may have at one time been a part of the town of Elkton. There are no more buildings there. It is empty and the Federal Prison hovers over it, but spirits linger on there. Some seem helpful. Some were just plain nasty. I look forward to listening to all the recordings we did. We did manage to get a couple nice pics. The EVP was very impressive. One said to be careful, another said Bitch. One said I love you. Another said Get out now! Very clear and nice. The area definitely is going to need more work. Elkton was once a bustling little town. Now it would seem it is a ghost town. And worth a moment of your time.