Monday, March 16, 2009

Dead Drive In Theaters

Drive In Theaters are mostly a thing of the past. I wish they weren't. Luckily we still have Hill Top Drive In over in Chester, but many people have never been to a Drive In Theater. That really is an experience that shouldn't be missed. I remember buying all the snacks we wanted, throwing pop in a cooler along with lawn chairs and blankets and watching two movies. It would last until one or two in the morning.
To the left is the Sky View Plaza. To the right is the Sky View Drive In Theater that once stood there. It went out of business in the early 80's. I saw lots of movies at Sky View. My father went there as a young man. They rode horses there in fact. When my parents were dating, that is one of the places they went.
In 1948 there was 88 Drive Ins in Ohio. By 1956 there were 196, the most there would ever be. By 1977 there were 165. And in 1999, there were only 48. I do not know how many there are today. I don't think even 48.
This is the site of the Super 30 Drive In Theater. You can still see the drive way in and out. And those bushes were there when the screen was. I believe it went out of business around 1990. I went there too. The last movie I saw there was Ghost Busters II. My car radio quit working in the middle of the movie and we had to sit out on the car hood to hear other peoples radios. It was still a good time. To the right is the places we parked our cars. It is an open field now. You can't even tell where anyone parked. I miss this place. I miss the good family times we had there. As I said, I at least have the Hill Top Drive In to visit and maybe even investigate this summer. Theaters are haunted after all. Does that mean Drive Ins? I plan to find out. I am looking for a picture of the Super 30. If anyone has one and wouldn't mind sending me a copy, I would appreciate it. You can't go to the Sky View Drive In or the Super 30, but you can still visit Hill Top Drive In in Chester, West Virginia. It is definitely worth a moment of your time.