Friday, March 20, 2009


EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) is, I believe, proof that something is out there. You will not really know what I mean unless or until you try it yourself and actually hear what I am talking about. Since I started ghost hunting in 2005, I have made hundreds of recordings. Roughly a little over 2000 to be more accurate. There are no teachers of this out there anywhere, so what I know comes from experience. You have to watch what clothes you wear and pay attention to noises that people make that you don't think about or realize. For example, when it is cold out, your nose runs and you sniffle a lot. Every one does it and you don't think about it. However, a sniffle on a recorder can sound like some one saying yes or no or some other answer. One of those nylon coats or jackets also make short noises that can be mistaken for a whisper. Crunching around on dead leaves, another phantom voice.
Once I got that all figured out I started noticing the different voices of EVP. I have theories about them. I can not say that this is 100% accurate. I have no way of knowing. But I can give you my ideas on it.
The short, crisp, mechanical voices are most often recorded. They say things like "Yes." or "No." or "Get out!" The occasional foul language is also in that tone of voice. Mechanical and fast spoken.
But there are also other voices. Voices that are very different. They sound real. Whispers, yes. But human voice whispers. You can definitely tell the difference between the two.
Are they real human voices? My first answer is no. When you die, your vocal cords that made your unique voice die too. When I worked on an unsolved murder here in the county, and got some very great EVP. I looked for months for a member of his family to share it with them. (No. I do not as a rule go looking for the family with messages from beyond the grave. This EVP mentioned names and I couldn't just ignore it. It is another long story that may one day find its way to this blog, maybe after his case is solved, if ever) I played the recorder and they listened. When it was over, my first question was whether or not it sounded like his voice. To my shock and horror, they didn't even hear it!! I have a lot of experience listening to EVP and I hear it right away. But if you have never heard it or listened for it, you dismiss it subconsciously as background noise. You don't even pay attention to it. That is what they were doing. So I had to walk them through it. And, no, it was not his voice. Ultimately, the family determined that it was their loved one, not by the sound of his voice, but the words he used and the way he chose to use them.
I also did an EVP down at the parking lot of East Liverpool Hospital where the 5th Street Cemetery once was (Skeleton Park). We got a very good EVP there that said "I...Am... Here!" Not mechanical, but a human whisper.
So if the human whisper sounding ones are our spirits as I believe them to be (only my opinion), what are the mechanical ones? I have no idea. Demons? If I believed in them, maybe. Prankster spirits? Maybe, if they exist. I honestly don't know. But they are the ones that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. They are usually the grumpy ones that say "Get Out!" or curse at you. No human quality what so ever in the voice. It sounds kind of like the voice a computer makes, only spoken faster.
So, since I don't have enough information to determine with any certainty what or who is really communicating with me, I guess I will just have to keep up my work as a ghost hunter. Like that bothers me. :)
I am, by no means, an authority on the subject of EVP. But then, I personally feel there are no authorities on it anyway. No one knows for sure who or what answers your questions on the EVP. From a purely Scientific point of view, it is unknown area. I understand that religious views would beg to differ with me, but I have not come into contact with anything I consider evil. Every time some one says "Stay away from that! It's a demon!" I remember a story about cavemen coming out of their caves and throwing rocks at the moon because they didn't know what it was. Spirits can be angry, upset, lonely, possessive, scared, protective, confused, determined, happy or sad. For certain, Something is out there. Who or what is yet to be discovered. All I know is I want to be there when the discovery is made.
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