Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Fairy Tale Castle Right Here In East Liverpool

Beyond these gates is a home I know very little about. When I was little, this place was a mystery. It was surrounded by a pink wall and the only time I ever saw the house was when these gates were open.
And this is what I would see. Surely Cinderella lived here or a princess. Located on St. Clair Avenue, it is on the corner of Park Avenue.

I stopped today and took these pics and I am in love with this place. It is about my most favorite house anywhere ever. But, I have no idea what the history is, who owns it or ever owned it, or even if it is haunted. I just know it is beautiful, and it is right here in East Liverpool.

So, if anyone out there knows anything about this lovely house, please let me know. It is about the most romantic house in this area. I surely hope it has some equally mysterious, romantic, haunting stories attached to it. If nothing else, it is worth the moment it would take to drive passed it and have a look.