Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lee Cemetery

You will find Lee Cemetery on the left hand side of the road just before you reach Scenic Vista Park, outside of Lisbon, Ohio. It is another one of those hidden, forgotten cemeteries that need some TLC. It has several stones that are home made.

This is my favorite stone there. It says simply "Gone Home". Other stones are sinking into the ground, so many years have gone by.

These are not stepping stones but grave stones in the dirt. :(

You do not very often see the star with 1776 on grave stones around here. A visit to this grave takes you back almost 200 years.

The Cemetery is named after this man, William Lee, who fought in the Revolutionary War. He and his wife Barbara are at rest here. There are sunken in places all around that might signify an unmarked burial place. Be careful where you walk. And that is about as much as I know about this cemetery. As you are driving passed it, blink and you will miss it. I look forward to an evening investigation here. I feel that Lee Cemetery is worth a moment of your time.