Friday, March 27, 2009

Riverview Cemetery-East Liverpool, Ohio Part 1

There are so many stones in Riverview that I can not do them all in one story. So, another one will be along shortly. To continue, these are tree stones. Most Treestones are large, like the one my mom is standing at. They were popular from about 1880 to 1910. So far, every one I have found has been within those dates.

This one is about waiste high. It even has a stamp at the top, from what I can make out on it that tells who made the stone. It is very hard to see, as it is weather worn.

Perhaps some of my most favorite monuments are the ones with pictures. To the left, the Beaver Family. Is this Grimms Bridge? It looks like it. To the right, a very large monument. It is an example of modern architecture, possibly Art Deco. Her possible Sarcophagus Tomb (it could also be an ornament of sorts) is also an open book, depicting scenes from her life. It is one of the most beautiful memorials there. You see who she was and some of the wonderful memories of her life, all involving her family.

Mr. Thompson has scenes from Beaver Creek State Park on his stone. There has got to be a story here that I should be aware of and don't. But I am looking.

The Croxall stone, right up front, across from the War Memorial, is just plain interesting. There is no inscription on it other than the name, written on the front and back. In the front are several stones with names, like Maria on the right. There is Ruth M., William, and Pheobe to name a few more. It leaves you to wonder who they were, why the stone is the way it is, and when was it put there? If it was made over 100 years ago, it seems to me they were ahead of their time.

This stone caught my eye because of the cat. I do not know if the cat is an image of a beloved pet or if it just signifies that they liked cats. It made it one of the more interesting stones I had seen. Stay tuned for part 2 of Riverview Cemetery, coming soon.