Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Investigation from across the Ohio River.

This is THE PINT, a bar over in Chester West Virginia. One of my team members works there. That would be Amber. She said there have been reports of phantom voices and the sound of foot steps when no one is there. It also sounds like some one rack up the pool balls from time to time, when no one is there. So, in we went. We was Amy, Sarah, Amber, and Jon. Oh, and me.

There was a bit of orb action. To the right, in the slots room, you see on the left a moving orb. To the right a nice orb hovers over the exit.

Amy and I are having an EVP session on the dance floor. We did get some EVP. "I am here" and "Michelob" was some of the small phrases we heard. Amy says she sensed the presence of a man in his 60's that once rode motorcycles and was a good old boy. We have not been able to hear a name for him. But he does seem laid back and content to hang in the bar scene still.

Who ever it was seemed to like the music area. That is where the footsteps are heard.

Sarah worked diligently on EVP and taking pictures.

To the right this nice orb hovers over the dance floor as we are behind the bar.

It was a good investigation. I can not say conclusively that the Pint is haunted, but we did get a couple EVP, which can be a good indication. So, the next time you visit the Pint, drink a Michelob for the ghost there. He will appreciate it, I am sure. The Pint is worth a moment of your time. (If you are young and like the bar scene. And now, if you like ghosts.)