Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Real Jake's Lock

This past Saturday I went hiking down at Gretchen's Lock. One of the things I was looking for was this. Lock number 39. According to Lock Records, that is the actual Jake's Lock. And it is a beauty.
Jake was a nightwatchman who cared for and watched over the Locks in his area. As it turns out, there were three locks. One stormy night, Jake took his trusty metal lantern and went out to check the locks in the pouring rain and lightening. As you can imagine-

He was struck by lightening ( or so the story goes) and fell in. No one knows for sure if it was the lightening that killed him or if he drowned, but he now haunts the lock for which he died in.

This lock. Not the one in the park that we all know and assume is his. But this large, beautiful Lock. What I am wondering is if any one has ghost hunted here before? My team and I are spending the next couple of weeks working on this area in an attempt to find out if it is haunted. I sure hope so. Look for some more articles on it as we delve deeper into The Real Jake's Lock.
P.S. And if it isn't haunted, by shear beauty alone, it is worth a moment of your time.