Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Cawood Family Once Lived Here

Thanks to some emails from people out there who read this blog, I have been told that my Cinderella Castle is actually Cawood House. A few weeks ago while I was out at Riverview Cemetery, I was taking pics of the memorials in the back (the big ones) and took one for the Cawoods because it was a Exedra, which is shaped like a curved or rectangular bench (like this one). It ended being used in burial grounds during Greek times because they would have more than one funeral for a loved one over the years. The seats would be used to sit on. Tables were also used for tomb stones to place food and wine on during these family gatherings.

I had no idea that I may have been taking a picture of the family burial site that once lived in my favorite East Liverpool home. This home was sold in the 60's to a Doctor, possibly named Dr. Samuelson. Some one else wrote that there is a mysterious red room somewhere in the home but they do not know what it was actually used for.
I will be meeting again soon with Joan and plan on asking her what she knows about this beautiful estate.