Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Salem's Other Cemetery- Grandview

You don't hear much about Grand-View Cemetery. Before tonight, I did not know much about it. I certainly didn't know it was so big. Not Riverview Cemetery big, but big enough. Grand View is in Salem. Like any other cemetery, it is full of secrets.

There are many different monuments represented in Grand View. Some, like the one on the left are completely romantic. This couple I knew. They had been together more than 50 years. They died 4 years apart. But they truly loved each other. Their children made sure the memorial they are in showed their deep love and devotion to one another. To the right is an example of Classical Architecture.There are many subdivisions of this classification, and I am simply not an expert in that field. It looks Greek to me.

Another example of one of my favorite types of memorials, an Exedra, can also be found there. Designed with benches for sitting so that the family can come to visit their loved ones and be comfortable.

There are several types of memorials at Grand View. The simple stone to the right has a plaque on it that is in memory of The Unknown. It is the sight of a mass grave from a desecrated grave yard somewhere in Salem years ago. There are 115 people buried here and it is unknown exactly who they are.

Above is a Civil war memorial and to the right is a close up of the plaque on the mass grave site of The Unknown.

Another war memorial is this one for World War One.

Of course, there are mausoleums as well in Grand View. This one has a brass dome. Some you can look into, and others you can not.

And the last memorial I wanted you to see was this. It is an Elk and the name on it seems to be Elk-Rests. I know there is a story to this. Does anyone know it? Please share if you do. There is even a plaque on it in the back-

That tells you who made this memorial, and who sculpted it. But no other names. Who is it for and why is it here? Just one of the many secrets of this beautiful cemetery that is worth a moment of your time to explore.