Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hope Cemetery in Salem, Ohio

Hope Cemetery in Salem, Ohio was established in 1833. My grandparents and great grandparents are buried here. Some Aunts and Uncles too. We came up to see my mom's sister and brother-in-law's graves, since Uncle Skeeter died just in October of last year. Once we paid our respects, we spent some time exploring.

There are several Mausoleums on the grounds. This one is my favorite. I do not know for sure who is buried here. He fought in
the Civil War, obviously. You can look inside as there is a window on the doors. In the picture to the right, this is what you see inside. Some one hand painted it that. It is cracking over time, but it was done with great love and respect for this man. The statue outside is very detailed. It reminds me of the Roving Sentinel.

Here is the grave site of Goldie Bell Taylor. She holds new flowers. It is sad that vandals broke her. This particular grave stone is supposed to be haunted. If you take away her flowers, new ones will there the next day, but no one admits to replacing them, nor does any one see who does it. If you take the flowers and stomp on them in front of her, the statue is supposed to cry.

It would be one of the most interesting stones in the cemetery with out the legend attached to it. The detail on it is impressive. The face is somewhat haunting as well. It really shows up in pictures, and it looks a little scary.

Some of the other graves I found interesting include the possible Mort safes to the far right. We did have a nursing school in the area, so perhaps there was some fear of grave robbers, or body snatchers.

The broken column, the first I have seen in my cemetery searches, is very dramatic. It is a symbol of the end of life or sometimes for a life cut short. There are children buried here.

This is definitely an odd stone. I am not sure what it is or what is was used
for or what it is supposed to represent. My
book doesn't have it in there. The cross is made like a tree stone, which sets on a stone built rock and behind it looks like an
area used for a fountain or something.

There is also an statue in this cemetery in memorial of the Civil War. It is very much like the Roving Sentinel in Riverview Cemetery.

There are also two cannons on either side of the statue engraved with the date 1861-1865.

I could have spent a while longer here, and in fact darkness is what chased us out. I can say with out a doubt that Hope Cemetery is haunted. I have had experiences here before. But since I got the book "Stories in Stone" by Douglas Keister (given to me by David Dunlap) I look at cemeteries with all new eyes. I actually see what is there and know what it means. I love to look for examples of what is in the book For example, the treestones I keep talking about, according to the book, were mainly used between 1880 and 1906. So far, every one I have found falls into that time span.
If you are looking for a good, haunting experience, Hope Cemetery is the place to go. But only with respect and courtesy. It is worth a moment of your time.