Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kings Creek In The Day Time.

The one and only place I went this weekend was Kings Creek Cemetery. I spent the whole rest of the weekend either working or trying to save my over 4000 pics from off my crashing computer. I will not bore you with the details other than to say, if I disappear for more than a few days it is because my system did in fact crash and I am desperately trying to fix the problem. Here's to hoping that doesn't happen.

The grave of Samuel and Jane Harper. My friend Heidie, lead investigator for the Spirit Seekers, showed me this little cemetery about a month ago. It is over in PA, not far from Hookstown. This is her favorite grave and mine, too. Written on this stone is Samuel's name, and some info about him. Then it goes on to tell how his wife died just 11 days after he did. On the very bottom is says that even death could not keep them apart. Samuel also fought in the Revolutionary War, and is only one of several men buried here that did so.

Many of the trees within this cemetery are being used to prop up old grave stones. The one above has had that stone propped on it for so long the tree is growing around it.

Other parts of the cemetery are not so fortunate to have a tree to use and the stones lay on the ground.

I assume that because of the remoteness of the area, people believe it is haunted, so the makeshift Ouija board was used to communicate with the dead here. I can only assume this. We tried doing some EVP work here, but got absolutely nothing. While that does not mean there is nothing here, it might mean that no one here wants bothered. I do wonder if the crew using this got any results with it though.

Sorry, but this grave is still scary, even in the day time.

An open book cemetery stone can represent the Bible. A deeper meaning can include a comparison to the human heart, it's thoughts and feelings open to the world and to God.

A Weeping Willow Tree might represent grief or sorrow, but it might also be a reference to immortality. It was one of the most popular gravestone decorations in the late 18th and early 19th century .

A finger pointing up is usually an indication that the soul has risen to the heavens.
For such a small cemetery is holds so much history. It is now a park, and the paths cross right over some of the graves. I don't know if I like that. Of course, I can't do a thing about it, but I don't have to like it. Have you ever heard that saying about getting cold chills and that means that someone is walking over your grave? These poor people must have had the chills all the time! Oh, and Kings Creek Cemetery is worth a moment of your time.