Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calcutta Has Had One Murder-And It Is Unsolved!

Clarence J. Walker(also known as Itchy) was born on July 13, 1918. He lived in East Liverpool and when he grew up, he worked in a pottery. On March 3, 1940, at the Tropical Gardens Road House and Dance Hall in Calcutta, he was out for a night of fun and dancing. He was interested in a young woman there and in fact, asked her to dance. She declined, saying she was dating a member of the orchestra that was playing there that night. Later in the evening, as this couple walked to their car, Clarence was there waiting for them and a fight broke out. The fight turned into something of a brawl in the parking lot. The melee broke up and for a few moments everyone left. But Clarence returned a few minutes later, declaring his fists had not yet had enough and the fight erupted once more. During the second fight, Clarence Walker was stabbed in the abdomen, hitting an artery and his liver, and he died later that night. It was never determined who killed him. In the pictures above, to the left, I believe, may be the spot that was the Tropical Garden Dance Hall. When I was younger, there was an old building in this area that my parents always told me had been a bar at one time and someone had been murdered there. I do not know for certain if this is the area. If any one out there knows for sure where it happened, please email me.
The picture on the right is the gravestone of Mr. Walker. He is buried in the Columbiana County Memorial Cemetery (the one with the big cross right here in Calcutta). 

Wendy's is there now, near the spot that Clarence lost his life. Because of his death, Calcutta was dry for almost 70 years.
I wonder if Wendy's is haunted. I have heard that Long John Silvers is. Perhaps that is Itchy Walker telling any one who will listen that he is still here. That Calcutta is still his stomping grounds. That some one got away with his murder.
The next time you are in any one of those restaurants on that side of the street-Wendy's, or Burger King (are they haunted, too?), or Long John Silvers, remember Clarence J. "Itchy" Walker, the only murder victim in Calcutta. His story is worth a moment of your time.