Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Footsteps In The Dark.

Madison Township Cemetery is located on the Old Lincoln Highway, near West Point. It is a small grave yard beside the road. I believe there was a church on the grounds at one time. The picture on the right shows a walkway to nowhere, and there is a big square section that doesn't have graves in it. Looks to me like a building of some kind was once there.

Now this pic to the left is hard to see but there is the nicest orb in the back, about center. Doesn't look like dust to me. The pic on the right was for an infant. I have seen a lot of little stones like this and I was surprised at how well this one was preserved and the information on it. Usually there is just initials on them or the word infant only.

This stone caught my eye because Catherine was born and died on Feb. 27. Her husband, John was nearly the same. He was born on Feb. 16, but died on Feb. 12.

Yet another grave with a hand pointing up, showing the direction that the departed soul belonging to this grave stone went upon death.

Here stands Jon. He is beside the grave of a little girl named Josephine. It is in the back of the cemetery, mostly alone. It seems to have been well taken care of for years. Most of the inscription is hard to read, but I am hoping when I look it up at the library, it will have been written in a book somewhere what is on the stone. The picture on the stone looks like a human skull. Bothersome to be sure. But my book on cemetery stones says this is called Memento Mori which means to "Remember thy death". Death is inescapable and is a part of life. Even for children. It is a sober experience to see such a thing on a child's grave.
I had one experience here tonight. As I walked along the graves, reading the stones, I stopped for a moment to take a picture, but I still heard footsteps for a few seconds after I stopped. It seemed that someone was walking beside me as I traveled through the cemetery. It stopped when I noticed it. I have had this experience at one other cemetery: Longs Run Church Cemetery in Calcutta. We didn't do any EVP sessions, but do plan to go back and investigate the area once I get some history on it. I noticed it is called the Madison Township Cemetery, but The Township Line Cemetery is also referred to as that. Which is which?
Good ghost hunting to you, and Madison Township Cemetery is worth a moment of your time.