Friday, April 24, 2009

Crockery City Brewery-A Closer Look

This building deserved a second, closer look. Yep, definitely of Gotham City origins. There are seven stories, all of them seemingly in a state of distress. The closer you are to this building, the more scary it appears. All of the windows are either gone, cracked, or broken. Some are boarded up.
You can still make out the word Brewery in this picture of the front of the building.

Standing at the bottom and looking up is also an adventure. It gives you a good look at the architecture and the darkness that lurks inside. I am sorry, but also when you stand this close to this building, the thought of it's imminent collapse crosses your mind.

And someone is still using it. There was an open door and I stepped in and took some pics, looking for an orb or two, which I did not find.

But you can see the building has weathered many changes, as the blocked up door way and window shows on the back wall here.

This doorway outside is entirely blocked over. I don't want to know where the bricks came from. I just don't.

If you double click on this picture, you will see a tree growing out of the sixth story window. Yes. You read correctly. A tree. It isn't that this building isn't a feast for the history loving eye. It has a dark beauty all its own. If it just didn't look like it was going to fall down, I would have been more comfortable down there.

Now, I attribute my fear of this building to it's obvious need of either a make over or a razing, but it may also hold a ghost or two letting me know not to bother them. Either way, I am in no hurry to enter this building. Or drive past it. Or walk around it. Seeing it from afar works for me. I have not run across any deaths associated with this building at any time in the past, so I can't imagine why it would be haunted, though I can't imagine it not being haunted either. It looks like the home of an evil scientist who does experiments on the roof during a bad storm. I hope he wears a safety harness. If it had gargoyles, it would be perfect. A look at this moment in time is worth a moment of yours.