Monday, April 27, 2009

The Real Jake's Lock Was A Fun Adventure

Our group was small, but that made it all the more perfect because ghosts don't always like crowds. We left at about 4:20 pm and reached our final destination, Lock # 39 about an hour later. We stopped along the way to look at Grey's Lock and Vondergreen's, along with a foundation or two. To the left is Cassidy, looking down at us from what I feel is Jake's Lock. To the right we are in the middle of an EVP session.

This is Amber at one of her favorite spots on Jake's Lock-The Stairs.

This is another one of the (at least) 5 foundations in the area. Mike walked around looking for snakes, making most of my little group afraid to enter this area. Thanks Mike. Because snakes do not scare him and he thinks they are fascinating, he forgets that most people are afraid of them. We did have an EVP session right beside it though.

On our way back this is this huge tree that might have fallen last September during the big winds we had. It is impressively large. With my over active imagination, I was walking in the forest around Hogwarts or even Middle Earth.

There were bridges to cross and hills to climb. Everyone was a good sport about it. After all, every good adventure has just that-adventure!

And this is who went. From left to right-Amber, Sarah (hiding behind Kaley and Taya) Mike, Cassidy, Jamie, Erryn, and Sammi. Two of my team members came later-Jon and Shawn. These guys and gals did a great job. For some it was their first time ghost hunting. For others, like Sammi who has been with me a few times and watches TAPS every Wednesday, it was old stuff. Coupled with the long the long walk back, they couldn't have done better. The ghosts were very cordial to us, answering a few questions. One even said Cassidy's name. A lot more work needs to be done back there to find out who might be lingering. Research has been leading to nothing, but my favorite saying still holds true. Some body out there knows something. If you know any kind of history about this area from Grey's Lock to Lock # 40, please let me know. Some history on the building foundations would be so helpful. If you are into hiking, this area is way worth a moment of your time. If you don't mind the ghosts.