Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Walking With Ghosts In Salem, Ohio

I have a couple of books I got from the Goodwill store. One is called THE SALEM STORY-1806-1956 Another is called IMAGES OF AMERICA-SALEM OHIO. Full of old pics of Salem. Like East Liverpool, Salem is rich in history. I have some Then and Now pics coming soon. But for now, I am talking about this building. I will be doing some extra work toward this one.
This is my mom. She is standing beside an iron gate on the building in question. Behind this is some stairs. I took a lot of pics today, but only one had an orb in it.

This one. At the top of the steps, to the right is an orb. Now personally, I feel this is a ghost and this ghost knew I was coming. My camera is not going to pick up a speck of dust at the top of the steps. And no one can make me believe otherwise. So who is this ghost? What is the history of this building? Did this ghost, when a living person, die of natural causes, or murder? Am I invited here, or is it a warning to stay away? I think that if this ghost didn't want me here, I wouldn't have this pic.
Salem has so much to offer. That would include ghosts.