Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1900-Pottery Capital of the World. 2000-A Ghost Town

East Liverpool has had many potteries, nearly all of which are gone. The Hall China Company remains, still operating, though they are struggling. Located in the East End of East Liverpool, it occupies a huge portion of property. At one time, hundreds of people worked here. To date there are about 50 left on the job. It is a sad sign of the times. Just another nail in the coffin for East Liverpool. Already there are many areas long deserted, occupied now only by ghosts.

I went around back of Hall China and discovered these old rail road tracks leading up right beside the company building to the left. I can only imagine how much pottery was going out this company on a daily basis to have a train come right up to it. To the right you see the tracks now lead straight into nowhere.

On the other side of East End, along the hillside, there are abandoned houses in many areas. There are also a lot of foundations of the once prosperous homes of pottery employees.

Long empty, this house suffers from broken windows and great lack of care. Perfect home of a ghost though.

See the orb hovering above the power line? There are also a couple in the trees. Dust? You will always hear maybe from me. However, it could also be the former occupants of the houses that were once here. Maybe they see them in all their glory, or maybe they see them as we do. Skeletons of what they used to be, and long forgotten. People lived and loved here for many years. All along this hillside is evidence of people long past. Give it a second look when next you are in the area. What once was here is worth a moment of your time.