Sunday, May 3, 2009

Haunting Piano Music In East Liverpool

I have been looking for ghost stories in the East Liverpool city area and came upon this one yesterday. This piano is found in a 4 story building in the Diamond area. I am doing a story on this building later in the week. However, as we were doing our investigation, the story came out about the piano on the third floor. This piano in the pictures above.
Apparently a man was out walking in the late evening down town in the Diamond area and heard piano music. It was fairly loud and he started looking for where it was coming from . He could not pin point it's exact location and called a friend about it. His friend joined him and together they followed the music to this building. They went upstairs and found this old piano, which had stopped playing. This occurred in the early 90's. He has heard it several times over the years, and he said he can tell exactly where the music is coming from now. No one had been up here for years he said. And the piano? It barely works. In fact, most of the keys are broken or missing. The question is, who is playing the piano? There are several mysteries about this building and are all in a story coming later this week. So, if you find yourself in the Diamond area of East Liverpool, Ohio, late in the evening and you hear piano music, know that this could be the piano it is coming from with ghostly hands on the keys.