Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thompson Park Ghost Walk May 9, 2009

Pictures here are the brave souls who ventured on the Thompson Park Ghost Walk for May 9. Perfect size group once again. The ghost hunting was excellent for the evening.

This pic to the left and also the right was taken by Dave McElroy and his daughter, Cheri. The five sided orb followed us around the park. Here it is at the amphitheater. Thank you Dave and Cheri for sending me these and other pics you took. Great work!

This is Andrew, Robert, Vicky, and Bobby. To their left you will see a moving orb.

Jennifer and Alex pose at the amphitheater along with a beautiful orb above them.

The picture to the right was taken below the tennis courts. We dealt with a lot of wind during the evening, and these orbs may have been generated from that. However, it doesn't change change the fact that this is a cool pic!!

Vicky, Andrew, Bobby, and Robert did a great job, Robert operating a digital recorder the entire evening. We got several very good EVP, including someone being called an A#% H*&%$. We also got a couple "Get Out." EVP's as well.

Every one there did a fantastic job despite the wind and rain.

The fountain was it's usual photogenic self and even an orb couldn't resist jumping in.
We are still listening to the EVP sessions we did, and there are several very good answers we recieved. In one case, Bobby had asked if the ghost was a boy or girl and we got a very good "BOY".
The next walk at Thompson Park is June 6, 2009 at 8pm. It is a fun adventure to experience. Hope to see you there. Thompson Park is so worth your time.