Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diamond House- The Investigation

I could not possibly put in this story everything that happened to us on May 8. It was a great investigation and every one worked hard to complete it. Most of us had a personal experience in the Diamond House. I was no exception. Above is the group that went in. To the right, we were about to enter and begin a great adventure.

Sarah took pictures and EVP. Her mom, Amy, spent her time at our command post on the second floor.

This is my all time favorite picture of me. I am in a haunted mansion, looking for ghosts. Life does not get better than this, yet.

Here is the Pit of Doom once again, just as creepy as ever. We did an EVP session in a room right beside this. When Dennis asked if something was behind him a woman softly answered "this is my house." Dennis had experienced a cold spot at that time.

And to the right is a look down at the Pit of Doom, giving you an idea of how big the Atrium (as Ian calls it) truly is.

Some of the rooms are suffering from age, like this one. But to a seasoned ghost hunter, this is beautiful! For example, I don't see peeling paint and dust every where. Instead I find myself trying to imagine who was once in there and what kind of furniture sat there, and what did the people where. It takes me back. I love that.

And it was the first time we got to use the K2 meter. Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything with it. Bummer.

This is on a wall on the third floor in a room openly connected to the Pit of Doom area. I don't know what it is, but I know what it looks like to me. What does it look like to you? While I realize I no doubt watch too much TV, it looked like blood splatter to me. Creepy. Very creepy.

Amber was great. Here she is setting up the ball experiment, complete with a video camera. After an hour, the ball did not move. All had been still and silent around it.

This is Dennis Russell. He came with the owner of the building, Ian. As it turns out, Dennis is a sensitive and proved to be quite useful in our investigation. Here, on this stairwell, he told us that something bad had happened there. The area bothered him extremely. He kept looking up and sensed the presence of something that didn't want us there. During an EVP session here, we asked if it was alright that we were there. Our reply was a very sinister "NO."

By the end of the evening, we did our final work on the most active side of the building. To get there we had to go by the Pit of Doom. Not happy about that. There was only one way in and out of that side of the building. Past the Pit of Doom.
The first thing you encounter is this staircase that once lead to the street, there by making it an exit, at one time. It is blocked off now, and a wall built over the doors. We sat first at the bottom of the staircase.

An EVP session got us only two words here. "Get Out."

This is the room that ended our investigation for the night. We worked for about twenty minutes in here. We stood in a circle and put the ball down in the center. We asked any spirits in the room to move the ball. Nothing happened again. We had already decided to leave when we were done, but....

Some one put their hand on my shoulder. It was gentle, and I thought I had bumped into Sarah, but she was way behind me, taking pictures. We did an EVP session soon after and when we listened, we heard a voice say "I'm gonna get you." On another recorder, we heard "What happened? What happened? I am in the front."
We decided to leave. Our emotions were starting to get in the way of our investigation. There was only one way out that included going back past the Pit of Doom. I heard foot steps behind us as we left. It took everything I had to remain calm. I was sure yet another hand was going to grab my shoulder this time and drag me back into who knows where. But nothing happened. We walked calmly back to our center of operations, gathered our equipment and left the building. I know that every one of us had a huge grin on our faces as we walked into the night air, and out of spook central. More work definitely needs done within the walls of the Diamond House. I would be greatly interested in what other groups had found as they investigated this grand old mansion. I have done over 40 investigations of both private and public areas. The Diamond House ranks in the top 5. It was well worth a moment of our time.