Saturday, May 16, 2009

What an open Grave Looks like, IN CASE YOU EVER WONDERED...

I was out on CCFHV business today. We went to Columbiana County Memorial Park to visit the graves of Michael Williams(murdered in 2005 outside of Rogers, Ohio) and Dalton Springer(3 year old beaten to death in Nov. of 2000).
While there we discovered this. A freshly opened grave. I had often wondered exactly how deep a grave really was. I don't think that is 6 feet, but I could be wrong. Then there is the sight of the exposed vault on the side. Strangely enough, that is comforting to me. You really are buried right beside your loved one. Proof is right there. Disturbing? Yes. Maybe for some. But, in case you ever wondered, now you know.