Thursday, May 21, 2009

Park Closes At Dusk

Gretchen's Lock is a State Park. It is free for the use of the people. Hundreds of people go down there every month just to ghost hunt and have a good time.
While the sign says "Park Closes At Dusk" you can remain in the park after 11 pm as long as you go to the park office at Beaver Creek State Park on Echo Dell and obtain written permission to do so. Gretchen's Lock is part of the Beaver Creek State Park system. You have to go through the main park to get permission. It is mainly called Gretchen's Lock by local people. To the outside world, it is Beaver Creek State Park. The number to call to see about getting permission to be in the park after dark is 330-385-3091.
Gretchen's Lock is worth a moment of your time, especially when it's dark!!!