Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hill Top Drive In Movie Theater

These orbs are dust, in case you were wondering. I took a picture of the sign as we were leaving. We went to the drive in last night and had a wonderful time. Night At The Museum and Wolverine are playing.

I was reminded of other times I went to the drive in. The last movie I saw at Super 30 was Ghost Busters 2. I took my sons. They were 8 and 9. The radio in my car stopped working half way through the movie and we ended up sitting on the car hood to hear other peoples radios. It was an adventure. I honestly don't remember the last movie I saw at Skyview. Movies I remember seeing there included Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Jaws, and Starwars.
Sadly, drive ins are a dying attraction. Hill Top is only open on weekends. They opened on May 22 for the first time this year. I can not recommend experiencing a drive in theater enough.
The gate opens at 7:45. It is $6 per person. Great family time to be sure.
Below you see the snack stand. This was early. Every parking spot was filled by the time the movie started, at dusk. Everything about last night was so fun. We waited outside the entrance for about 40 minutes before the little shack finally opened and this friendly guy started admitting people. Even that was fun, knowing we were going to get a good spot.

Above you see Amber using the hood of her car to watch for awhile. Jon set the back of the truck up with cushions, blankets, pillows and our cooler full of drinks.

Mike and I sat on the car seat, what I considered to be the best seat in the house. It was chilly, but that was part of the fun. When you factor in how much you spend at a cinema, like $8 per person for one movie, plus the cost of snacks and drinks, you are looking at $30 minimum for two people. Mike and I spent $12 to get in and $7.50 for two buckets popcorn. We brought our own drinks. We saw two movies, not just one.
The more business they get the longer we will have a drive in in our area to enjoy. If you are interested in finding out about Hill Top Drive In, please call 304-387-1611. Hill Top Drive In is worth a moment of your time.