Tuesday, June 9, 2009

After this night, even Skeptics would have walked away wondering.

The Ghost Walk on June 6 at Thompson Park was the best so far. This is the group we had for the night.
Our first stop was the Time Capsule. You can never predict what will happen there. Last year we had several girls names said on EVP, but because I talk about that, what ever entity is there, won't do it. Tonight he did say something about his name. The word Captain is easily heard. The pic in the earlier story of the man by the tree seems to look like he is dressed in a Civil War uniform.
From there we went the usual route. At the amphitheater we put the ball down, like usual, but nothing happened there.
We did the usual photo sessions asking any spirits in the area to get in the pic. The orbs there never seem to disappoint.

We went to Pavilion #1 and that is where things started to really happen. At this time we didn't know about the guy by the tree. We put the ball in the kitchen area and left it be. We asked any spirits in the area to move the ball if they could.
Then we had an EVP session. Again all was pretty quiet. It wasn't until we listened to this EVP that things started to move along. On the EVP we asked for Katie. She made herself known in March. We asked how old she was and she said seven. Then she said "In the bathroom." It was very clear.
So Sarah and our ghost hunting cheerleader, Sammi, and her crew decided to check out the girls bathroom. Off they went, digital recorders and cameras in hand. In the bathroom they found two balloons. 0 and 9. Some one had had a graduation party earlier in the day there. 2 and 0 were bobbing around along the ceiling. It left us to wonder if she wanted the balloons to be brought out to see or play with. We left them there, tied to the grill. Just as the girls brought the balloons up, the ball in the kitchen started moving slowly in a circle. It was so great. Of course, everything happens at once, but wow!
Katie will definitely need more work. It was a good feeling we left Pavilion 1 with.
The field by the Tennis Courts has a possible entity that is rather grumpy. He has cussed twice, though not this night.
He actually may have lit the K2 up pretty good though. More work will need to be done here, including some distance work with cell phones. K2s can be affected by cell phones and walkie talkies. No one had their cell phones on, nor do were we using walkies.
We were all amazed. We told him if he made it light up one more time we would leave. He did, so we did.
By this time we were all wondering what would happen next, though nothing else really did. We went to the fountain and took some pics.
We went last to where the tour starts. The three flag poles. As usual a large orb was found by many in their pics. If it is Marie, we are grateful that she lets us see her.
I can't honestly imagine it getting any better than this. I am eager for the next walk. July 11, 2009 at 8pm. I hope to see you there.