Thursday, June 11, 2009

Charles Arthur Floyd-New Pics From His Story

Above are pictures of the Conkle Farm. This is the last place Mr. Floyd saw alive. The true story of his death may never be known, but his legacy does live on. Thereis the close up of the farm house, a full view of the farm itself, taken from the spot where Mr. Floyd fell for the final time. The small pile of logs is supposed to be the exact spot where he fell. Where is the tree he was supposed to have died under? Interesting. The three men are family members who went to the site. These photos belong to a young lady named Karyn who has been coming to the walks and tours. She is pictured above in the only color pic with Jen and Alex. She has the blond hair.
I often wondered what the area looked like at the time the incident occured. Notice no trees any where. The whole area looks different now. This is just another look at the lasting story of Mr. Floyd.