Monday, June 15, 2009

Ghost Walk In East Liverpool June 18 and June 20 At 7pm.

I am so ready for the tour of East Liverpool! The city is so old and has so much history. Too bad a lot of it is untold. Children seem to haunt several of the houses on 4th street. I found the former city morgue. Did you know that someone died in the library? There are three murder scenes, two theater sites, a haunted piano, a haunted bar and the Diamond Mansion. The Pic of the carved rock on the right is from the original East Liverpool School that was where the Alumni Building is today. The School that was there was jaw dropping awesome! I am sad that it is gone. Every time I look at a picture of it, I think of Hogwarts Academy. The two top pics are Hogwarts on the left and the East Liverpool School on the right. It was torn down in 1969. What a loss!!!!
Remember 7pm, in front of the Masonic Temple Thursday night and Saturday night. Expect the tour to last about 90 minutes. I hope to see you there!!!