Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Bigfoot. Like ghosts, some believe in it, some do not. Because I believe something is out there, that includes Bigfoot. Below is a list of sightings of this creature in the Columbiana County area.

Summer 2007 - Horse trail at Beaver Creek State Park.
Summer 2003 - Possible daylight sighting on horse trail in Beaver Creek State Park
November 2001 - Ongoing accounts with a screaming ape-like creature
July 2001 - A man driving down the road witness's a 'huge" creature walk across the road
Fall 1997 - Outdoor photographer hears a howl/scream on two separate occasions that were identical to the sounds on the "Sightings" television show.
Summer 1982 or 83 - Nighttime sighting by three in car, on Sprucevale Rd. near Calcutta
June 1980 - Possible approach to a dwelling between Calcutta and East Liverpool
June 1980/82 - Sighting at a home on Duke Vodrey Rd., above Beaver Creek.
June 1971 - Late night sighting by children at a home in Calcutta

Since Bigfoot has been sighted in this area, my team and I have decided to do a little Bigfoot hunting, too. Now the main reason for this is one of my team members. Amber Rogers, pictured above, is truthfully more interested in Bigfoot and UFO sightings. She ghost hunts with me because she is my friend. The least I can do is have a few Bigfoot expeditions as well. So we have been looking for a place to explore.
Gretchen's Lock is out for a variety of reasons. I have heard a rumor that some Bigfoot hunters camping down there caused some considerable trouble and the park is closed to all traffic after dark. Bummer. You can still go into the park at night, but you must park outside, by the Grist Mill. Thanks Goofy Bigfoot Hunter guys!! Also with the documentary guys down there, there have been way too many people in the area. I think Bigfoot would shy away from that.
So, we decided to hunt in the area where I took the pictures above. For now the area is a secret until we determine if there is anything there. I will be doing several stories on our progress as amateur Bigfoot Hunters. While I am the Lead Investigator for Ghost Hunting, Amber is the Lead for Bigfoot.
We will be using equipment like recordings of sounds that might attract a Bigfoot, motion detectors, cameras, digital video recorders, and a few other toys that will help to determine whether or not Bigfoot is in this area. Wish us luck.