Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Thursday,June 25 at 1pm the CCFHV will be having a Memorial Service for the three missing persons in Columbiana County. Tracy Hill, Missing since June 7 2001. Gene Lysle missing since June 13, 2004. Louise Davis missing since June 21, 1979. We chose as the spot for this memorial the murder site of Debbie Taylor and her two small children, Jesse age 6, and Billie Jo, age 4. It is on the corner of 9th and Woodlawn in East Liverpool. If you know where Dresden Ave is, you can find the site easily.
Thirty years ago, on June 21, Robert Wooten showed up at Louise's house and told her his wife had come home and she wanted to see her. Louise was eager to see her friend and went inside to tell her family where she was going. She got into Wooten's pick up truck and they drove away. Louise was never seen again. Two days later, the police questioned Debbie Taylor and asked if she knew Louise. Debbie had said no. However, she did know her and later told the police that. On June 25, 1979, the bodies of Debbie, Jesse and Billie Jo were found, all of them beaten to death. It was later determined that Robert Wooten was the killer. He is now in jail for the murders of Debbie, Jesse, and Billie Jo for the rest of his life. However no charges were ever filed in Louise's case because she was never found. It is believed that her body is somewhere in the East Liverpool area. Perhaps in a well on Alpha Street in East End, where Wooten had lived at the time, or somewhere in the Grimms Bridge area.
Tracy Hill went missing from Rogers, Ohio on June 7, 2001. She reported off work, supposedly, that day and no one has heard from her since. About 11 days later, her husband Cliff Hill was found driving her car in the Guilford Lake area. No charges have been filed against Cliff either, because there is no body.
Gene went to a concert at Star Lite Amphitheater on June 13, 2004. Friends claim they dropped him off at the Hot Dog Shop in East Liverpool, Ohio, but Gene never made it home. No one has seen him since.
Please try to come to the memorial to support the families of these missing persons. If you know anything about these cases, please let us know or call the Columbiana County Sheriff's Office for Louise or Tracy, and the Wellsville Police Department for Gene. This memorial is worth a moment of your time.