Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Ghost Walk Of Lisbon For the CCFHV

I started volunteering for the CCFHV (Columbiana County Families of Homicide Victims) about a year and a half ago. I met Mike Williams family in 2007 because I actually worked on Mike's case, paranormally. I got some fantastic EVP and spent 7 months looking for his family. I finally met them in August of 2007 and discovered that I knew his cousin, Belinda Puchajda, from high school. We quickly rekindled our friendship. Meeting Mike's mother, Shirley, made a huge impact on me because of her determination to find her son's killer. This woman could move mountains. Then I met some of the other moms like Sheryll Jackson, Gene Lysle's mom. He has been missing for 5 years now and she has never stopped searching for him. I support them and all the other families in their battle to get justice for their loved ones.
Ghosting 12 Paranormal didn't come until this year, and my little group is 8plus strong. When they learned about CCFHV, they jumped aboard too. Above you see some pictures of the CCFHV set up out at Rogers Sale, some of the posters we have made for the unsolved murders in the county, and some of my crew (Sarah, Jon, and Sallee) pictured with Belinda Puchajda during the Pottery Festival. We all wear the CCFHV tee shirts to most of the ghost hunting events I have. We choose to support the families of the unsolved murder victims and missing persons in this county because they need our help.
That is why we were kicking around the idea of having a ghost walk of Lisbon, Ohio and charge $5.00 per person. ALL THE PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE CCFHV. My time is all volunteer and that includes the research time.
I am looking for any ghost stories about Lisbon, Ohio. If you have any stories or information about the city that might be useful on a ghost tour, please email me.
I can see by my question on the side that most people wouldn't mind helping out by paying $5 for a ghost tour. I think that is wonderful. And believe me, these families need all the support they can get.