Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Attendance Was Huge For The July 10 Ghost Walk!!

This is the ghost hunting group for the ghost walk at Thompson's Park on July 10. This was one of the largest groups that has attended so far. Every one was great and very patient. Ghost hunting with a group like this is very difficult, and we did not see as much action as last month. Below are some of the pics we took for the evening and the people who came for the event.

There were four different Kim's in attendance, including me. That was interesting. Please also note the BIG BUG Amber found and was carrying around like a crazy person. That thing was biting a cigarette and putting holes in it! Despite the large group, we were able to learn there is something going on with the bathrooms at Pavilion #1. Definitely need more work done in that area.
We were ghost hunting in the park for 4 hours. That is almost a record too. While there wasn't anything remarkable in the pics, the usual stuff did come out. Orbs in the coolest of places. One is right on the face of a guy who attended in the amphitheater.
Ghost hunting with a big group like this is challenging, but it was a good evening. Even the very large orb at the flag poles made an appearance several times.
If you attended and felt you didn't get the full effect, please come on Aug 1. The best way to learn about the ghosts in an area is to keep working it. The more familiar the ghosts are with you, the better chance you have of experiencing something.
Perhaps one of the coolest things I have noticed is that every one who comes to these events have an open mind and are intrigued by the possibilities that are out there. I am not saying you have to believe it. Believing in ghosts is a personal choice, as far as I am concerned. Most people who believe in ghosts has had a personal experience at some point in their lives. I am no exception. If you haven't, keep looking and sooner or later, you will find what you are looking for, usually when you least expect it.
I checked into the ghost walks at The Spread Eagle Tavern in Hannoverton. They said they weren't having any until October. When I find out the dates, I will post it on here.
Dates for some of the other events will be posted by the end of this week. Sleep well.