Saturday, July 18, 2009


Above are pics from our Bigfoot adventure today. We left around 1pm. We live out in the middle of nowhere and I have often wanted to see what was below us. We discovered waterfalls, big rocks, strange tracks, lots of deer tracks, and breath taking scenery. But alas, no Bigfoot. We did not see him, hear him, smell him, or sense him in any way. As far as I can tell he has not ever been down there. And it is very isolated. We were on an ATV trail of course, and that might make all the difference. I am looking forward to going again and possibly camping down there one night. I believe the ghosts are plenty down there, though I wasn't looking for them today. Some of the pictures have very nice orbs in them. My favorite place is the waterfall. It was so inviting. It made you feel like jumping in.
While I didn't necessarily think we would find anything, I think I was so hopeful that we would find something. No one is down there and hasn't been down there for more than 100 years. I had also hoped to find some remnant of a small town called Island Run. It was similar to Hell's Half Acre in reputation. I didn't even find a lock of any kind today. Bummer. But it was still a great adventure and I greatly look forward to doing it again.

Pic sent in by readers--

This pic was sent in by a reader named Will. He attended the July 10 ghost walk at Thompson Park and was intrigued by the Marie Hays story. He said he went back a couple of nights later and took some pics. Deciding to try something, he actually provoked the spirit there by threatening to destroy one of the flowers in the park. This is one of the pics he got. There are actually 3 pics Will sent, and I tried to publish them, but two of them ended up too dark and I had to take them off. Here is part of the email he sent me:

My name is Will and I attended your latest Thompson Park ghost walk this past Friday night. It inspired me to finally go out and splurge on a digital camera that I have wanted for ages. After getting familiar with it and taking test shots and stuff I decided to make a trip up to Spring Grove Cemetery and Thompson Park last night and shoot some pics and see what I could get to show up. While Spring Grove was freaky at night it was uneventful so I headed to Thompson Park at the area with the flag poles and flower garden to start snapping off shots. I took a dozen or so shots with nothing in them and decided to do something you specifically said should never be done. I decided to try to 'provoke' Marie in a joking way by going up to the flower bed, grabbing a flower and shaking it (did not remove or harm it) while saying "*gasp* oh no I'm messing with your flowers!". The following attached pics are what happened.

This pic is the first of the three. The second one shows the orb down by the flowers, and the third has it back at it's usual spot. Thank you Will for sending the pics. Look for them soon on the Thompson Park web site. I was impressed with his ingenuity. No one has provoked her that I know of before and she immediately reacted (if that is Marie).
I personally do not recommend provoking because, if it works at all, it only works maybe once before there is no reaction from the spirit at all. In Will's case, he didn't actually do anything, just threatened to. If it is the spirit of Marie, her militant attitude toward her beloved flowers demanded she make sure they were okay.
She has been gracious enough (if that is her) to show up in many pictures. The last thing I want is for her to stop doing that. Marie respects respect, I believe. Most ghosts do and you will get a lot further with them by being nice. It is your choice. Get one reaction by provoking (if you get even one), or many with respect toward them.
Oh, and please DO NOT GO THERE AND PULL UP THE FLOWERS!!!!! GHOSTS WILL NOT REACT LIKE WHAT YOU SEE ON TV. You are not going to get a reaction from them like what you see on Paranormal State or Ghost Adventures. Even Ghost Hunters get bigger reactions lately than what is real. All you will do is damage that beautiful area for nothing. And that might cause Marie to stop showing up in picks at all. (if that is her)
If anyone else has any pics they would like to send in, please do. Thank you Will for sharing your story and pics. It is a great tale of adventure in Columbiana County and worth a moment of your time.