Monday, July 20, 2009

Working With The Ghosts At Gretchens

We decided to go to Gretchen's last night. With rumors that activity is way down I decided to do some work to see what we would get. There were four of us. Mike, Jon, Amber and myself.
As a group we started on the bridge. We got one EVP. "I am beside you." I have never gotten anything on the bridge before. It wasn't anyone claiming to be Esther, though it did sound female. I am looking into how to put sound recordings on the blog. The ones we got tonight are good enough to hear pretty easily.
We then went into the Grist Mill and did some work in there. First as a group, and then we split up.
Mike and I stayed in the mill, while Jon and Amber went to where the old house used to be. We used walkies to communicate with each other.
Mike and I got a really good EVP in the Grist Mill. It says "Let me out!" Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were so bad for Jon and Amber, they didn't spend much time at the old house. They came back and we switched places.
Jon said he and Amber had an experience with a shadow person. He said that something black kept darting back and fourth in front of one of the windows. They tried talking to it, but didn't get anywhere.
We got some good orb pics, as usual, and the two good EVP, so as far as I am concerned, I do not believe activity is down at all. With all the people going down there, the ghosts might be getting exactly what they want. All the human emotion they can handle and more. I am very interested in what might happen on August 12.