Monday, July 27, 2009

EL Ghost Tour on July 26

The ghost tour of East Liverpool was a huge success! We had a great time. We not only toured the city, but even some of the buildings. Here we are inside the Family Repeat Building looking at the Haunted Piano. Thank you Guy, for letting us go up and Chris, and employee of the Family Repeat, for taking us up to the third floor. There is evidence that this piano might be a player piano, though I am still looking into the mechanics of it. Even if it is a player piano, could it still work without electric by itself?
We stopped in front of the Carriage Inn to get this picture.
Here we are beside a 1942 ? car. I honestly don't know what kind of car this is, but it is a beauty. I am eager to see what it looks like when it is completely restored.
We walked down to the Crockery City Brewery and took some pictures, had some EVP sessions, and wondered what spirits might linger there.
This is Karyn. She comes to most of my tours and has a talent for EVP. Here she stands at the East Liverpool Fire station where we were treated to a tour of the little museum they have upstairs. If you have never been up there, it is very worth a moment of your time. Karyn stands in front of a picture of the Fire Of 1950 where the American Theater burned. This picture shows not only the fire, but the bus station, the Ceramic Theater, the Old High School and many other buildings that no longer exist.
One of the fire guys on duty offered to take our picture together, so here we are. I will not mention their names out of courtesy to them. I am so grateful that they took my little group on the tour.
Here is Sammi, a member of my team, standing in front of one of the showcases in the little museum. There are old helmets, fire hoses and other equipment, along with pictures of the major fires that occurred in the East Liverpool area for over 100 years.
This is my little group having an EVP session in the parking lot that was once the American Theater. We talked to a girl, though she wouldn't give her name. Someone also said "Down by the river." on an EVP we got from the parking lot that once was the Columbian Theater. Nothing there to see now, but a parking lot. Same with the Ceramic Theater. Now it is a parking lot. Don't get me started.
With that, this was my group yesterday. Mike-Will-Amber-Sammi-Sarah-Adriana in the first row. Karyn and me in the second. Jon was taking the picture. We toured the Fire Station and went into the Family Repeat, had several EVP sessions, and in general had a great time.
The next event is Aug 1 at Thompson Park. Come out and learn a little about Ghost Hunting. You might have a good time and get away from the TV for a while. Why watch Ghost Hunters have all the fun when you could go out and try it yourself? Hope to see you there.