Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Ghost Hunting Theories by Autumforest. She writes some great articles and does a lot of research in the paranormal field. She also wrote an article that included Ohio as being a very haunted state. The address for this article is listed below:

Her theories are sound and worth a look.

What else is Ghosting 12 Paranormal doing?

You will see us in a few different places this fall. We would like to do a more extensive study into whether or not the little boy remains where the old house once stood at Gretchen's Lock. Some say he is gone, while others (including me) think he remains, still haunting the park with the other spirits.
The Grist Mill is also a topic of study. It is still undetermined who exactly haunts this beautiful building. While many believe it is Esther Hale, I believe that particular story is an urban legend. It entails the Lady In White theme where a woman jilted at the altar haunts a bridge. If you see her and she touches you, you will grow old and wither and die, while she becomes young and beautiful again. In contrast, we have talked to a woman named Sarah in there, and Hannah directly beside and inside the building. Esther Hale has never spoken to us at all. I find that a subject that demands more study. We also plan on doing a two month study on Mr. Floyd. One of the stories that accompany him is that as the date of his death gets closer, he becomes more and more demented. On the anniversary(October 22 1934) of his death, it is theorized that he relives his death over and over. You will find us up there a lot in September and October. At this point and despite the fact that I have gotten a very frightening EVP in that area, I don't believe it is Mr. Floyd. I believe it is someone else, possibly a man who may have committed suicide near there a few years ago. But we will only find out if we go up there and discover what happens for ourselves. I sometimes wish I knew a relative of his who would be willing to accompany us there a few times and see if Mr. Floyd would talk to them. Of course I am sure there are a lot of people who claim to be related to him, but aren't. I can only guess why someone would do that, but it happens.
And finally, we will be at Tomlinson Run State Park to investigate the ghost stories that are coming in about the place. Ghostly specters that haunt the roads in the park in several locations that I can't wait to investigate further. Not to mention Chief Bigfoot and his companion, killed near the area that they do the re-enactments, or so I am told. I just started working on this park and I am eager to learn all I can about it.
These are just some of the cases we are working on. I mainly stick to Columbiana County, but since I have family that live in West Virginia, they are the ones who mentioned Tomlinson Run. I am glad they did. It is a beautiful park full of adventure, and ghosts. Maybe I will see you out there, looking for ghosts yourself.