Friday, July 31, 2009

A Visit To Lusk's Lock

The trail back to Lusk's Lock is somewhat long. I haven't been down there in about two years. A lot has changed. It is over grown in many places. Trees have fallen across the path like you see here.
The story with Lusk's Lock has to do with a construction worker being killed, though there are no specifics. My brother worked to help clean up the Beaver Creek Area, and that included Lusk's Lock. He said there was one episode there involving a man dressed in black washing his hands in the creek. He has on a strange hat and busily worked at cleaning his hands. Then he stood up and looked at them. In the next instant he was gone. My brother said the hair on his head was standing straight up when that happened. I do not know what this is in this pic. I didn't see it when I took it, nor did we have any strange occurrences while we were there.
The Lock itself is beautiful. It is very over grown, but it seems to add to its charm.
It has a tree that has fallen down on one end. And the weeds inside are taller than me.
But the curved stair cases are still there, albeit over grown as well.
It seems like the ruins of a castle that nature is slowly reclaiming.
There is a Masonic Symbol carved into one large stone section. Did the masons help to build this Lock, while not the others? An intriguing mystery.
We did an EVP there. We asked if any spirits there like my husband Mikes clothes. We got a yes. Then we asked if anyone liked his shoes. "Yessssss" was the reply with an emphasis on the "s". A little bit creepy there. And worth a moment of your time.