Saturday, August 1, 2009


Because I am certain there are ghosts out there, I can not tell you there are no such things as fairies.The first two pictures certainly could look like possible fairies. This bug is so large, it even casts a shadow in the flash.
Logic says it's a bug. But it does not look like just a bug. This one resembles an angel. But, they are just bugs, right? Or maybe Bowman's has a little more than ghosts.
We were able to drive all the way up to Bowman's Cemetery in our car. When we got out, we were met with silence. I walked around, noting the flags that had been left for the veterans buried there. Someone keeps it mowed and keeps the wooden crosses in repair.
Others bring toys to leave at the graves of some of the children whose final resting place is Bowman's Cemetery. I went to the Library and got a list of the people buried there. While the legend for Bowman's says a witch took children there and killed them, I don't see any evidence of that.
We took a lot of pics, and as usual at this little cemetery, there are orbs. I like to study the design a lot of orbs can create.
Mike seemed to attract them. If they are dust, than it is coincidence. If they are more than that, as I believe, than Mike must be pretty interesting to them.

We did a few EVP there in which some one said Amber's name. She is not a cemetery fan. Remember, she is more into Bigfoot. While we sat and listened to what was around us, we heard a big crash through the woods and down into water. "That must be Bigfoot!" she had declared.
We left our own little toys there at the grave of Chauncey, Edna, and Ross Bowman. They were all babies when they died in the 1890's.
We were virtually undisturbed up there for over an hour. It is a very picturesque little cemetery. You seem to hear whispers coming from the woods, beckoning you to come and play hide-n-seek. The more you ghost hunt, the more you become aware of your other senses. Not like a sixth sense, mind you, but your normal 5 senses. Ghost hunting isn't just seeing ghosts, but experiencing them. You hear, smell, and feel a ghost around you. You also pay attention to your own emotions. At Mr. Floyd's you feel danger. At Gretchen's Lock, you feel sometimes great happiness or calm. I have been in houses where I feel very possessive. At Bowman's it is worry. Someone worries there.
Ghosting 12 Paranormal will continue our investigation into Bowman's Cemetery and what resides there.
For anyone who would like to go our there, on Aug 15, at 6 pm, I will be at the parking lot near the YMCA in Calcutta to meet anyone who wants to follow us out there. We will also be going to Lusk's Lock. If you don't hear from me much this week, it is because I am out at the fair. Tonight we will be out at Thompson Park for the ghost walk there at 8pm. We have been having a lot of fun there and hope you can make it out.