Thursday, August 6, 2009

Columbiana County Fair Days

I spent some time taking pics tonight and looking for ghosts. I talked to a few people about the Lisbon Ghost Walk on September 27 and like usual, that is enough to get me started. I like to study the patterns that orbs make. Sometimes they look like star constellations, though I have never been able to match one.
As you can see in these pics, sometimes there is only one orb and the very next minute there are many. I always imagined that the orbs were townsfolk from decades past who haunt the city of Lisbon and are attending the fair like everyone else.
Or it could all be smoke and dust. But where is the fun in that? Not to mention, I believe ghosts use whatever they have around them to communicate with you. Even smoke and dust. This is day three for me at the fair with the CCFHV. I will continue to look for some signs that there are ghosts attending the fair. A full apparition in a pic would be perfect.......