Monday, August 10, 2009

The Fair Is Over and There Will Be No Gretchen's Lock Party For Me!

The Columbiana County Fair is over and I am glad. I was out there for seven days, fourteen hours a day. I am beat. It was a good week. No ghostly situations to report. Ghosts are so suddle that even if there was some activity, there was too much going on to have noticed.
We made some great new friends, as well as caught up with old ones. This week will continue to be busy. We are getting ready for the big vigil on Aug 28. More to come on that. I am also hosting a charity ghost walk through Lisbon on September 27. More to come on that, too.
I will be out of town on Wednesday, August 12, and I will not be able to attend the party at Gretchen's Lock. Bummer. So, if any one wants to send me some pics of the event, please do. I will post them.
I am headed to sleep. Have a good night. Tomorrow is another day.