Sunday, August 16, 2009

And Then We Went To Bowman's Cemetery-Tour Part 2

Bowman's was as expected. For the most part it was calm and serene. Save for a big crash in the woods before we got there followed by a "WHOOP!" sound. I was sorry we missed that. Only Amber and Amy were there for that. This pic is a Glam shot of Amber, Sammi, Billie, and Kim who were doing a ghost watch while others milled around.
The rest of the pics are different shots of the evening that have some interesting orbs in them.
Like this one. The little white stuffed dog moved down the grave stone by itself, stopping on the edge. Jessica put it back and I snapped this pic with the orb above them.
Yet another group picture, complete with orbs. My team mate Amy tends to attract them.
Here, Amy and Becky talk at the entrance to the little Cemetery.
This group came from Minerva. They were really great and said they had a great time. The kids, McKenzie and Nick, were really good at EVP work. Look out Ghost Hunters! They might someday be your next proteges.
For the most part, there isn't anything about Bowman's that I don't like. It is all mysteriously fascinating to me.
Amy sat at the entrance to the cemetery and talked to some of the people, telling them stories and helping them with paranormal events they had experienced.
We talked about ghost hunting and the do's and don'ts for people who are just starting, all the while taking in the atmosphere that is Bowman's Cemetery.
Some of the things we ran into included a box turtle that everyone had a chance to see and pet.
There is a really nice orb here just as we entered the cemetery. I like them like this.
And, much to every one's fear, there was a snake. Of course, this one wasn't any bigger than a night crawler.
And of course, Mike was happy to catch it and take it away from everyone so it wouldn't get hurt. He had hoped to find one on our adventure this evening. We also saw several baby toads and plenty of mosquito's.
This worked so well, I plan on doing it again. Possibly in October. Thank you to every one who came. I hope you had a good time and return to these places often to do your own ghost hunting. Send me some pics if you do!!

Lusk's Lock and Bowman's Cemetery Tour-Part 1

This is every one at Bowman's Cemetery, though I have jumped ahead. We had a great group tonight that was almost the perfect size. I really enjoyed taking them around the area and showing them some of the haunted aspects of Columbiana County.

These are my junior team members, Sammi and Sarah. They were in charge of taking pictures on this tour. Needless to say they did a great job. On October 3, Sammi is headed to PA for a meeting with Kris, Tango, and Steve of Ghost Hunters!! She swears to take lots of pictures and share her story when she returns!
Here is a small group having an EVP session at the edge of the Canal.
Sammi, Dave, and Will using their recorders. Dave is a huge paranormal fan in the county and has much of his own equipment, which he brings to every tour. He is fast becoming a great ghost hunter. Will just started about two months ago. He is the one who provoked Marie a little at Thompson Park and got the great pictures!
I am calling this picture "An Orb Between Two Ghost Hunters." This was taken as we walked down into the canal.
Lusk's Lock is, architecturally, one of the most beautiful of all the Locks for the Sandy and Beaver Canal System. It is Lock Number 27. On the upper side of the lock on the inside is a plaque that has the names of the engineer and builders. The engineer is none other than Edward Gill, Gretchen's father of Gretchen's Lock.
We make our way through the lock slowly as the flowers and weeds are very high. There is no water in this lock any longer. Just the fallen tree, and at this time, us.
Dave makes his way along the trail enduring the heat with everyone else. Ghost hunters know no bounds!
The walls of the lock are very high (at least 20 feet) and many of the ghost hunters here look up in awe, feeling how small they are and how big Lusk's Lock really is.
We had two EVP sessions. They were mostly quiet, though we did get two. One said "Can you hear me?" and the other said one of our guest ghost hunters name "Heidie". She handled that quite well actually. I was impressed.
Here we are leaving for our next adventure-Bowman's Cemetery. At this point we don't know what awaits us, but be are all eager to find out!